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Pricing & Getting Started With GreenGeeks

First, we would like to bring your attention to the actual GreenGeeks pricing policy. They advertise low prices ($4.95/mo) but this price is valid only if you signup for 3 years ahead. If you prefer a shorter period they prices go way up

GreenGeeks Hosting Packages

Once you get pass all steps, you may receive a standard verification call on the phone you have entered. After you should receive an e-mail with information about your hosting account. In it you will find everything you need to start working on your site.

Technical Support

GreenGeeks provide to their customers support via live chat, tickting system and phone. However, you cannot receive real technival support via the live chat – you can only get answers to sales-related questions.

GreenGeeks Support

As usual, we have performed our standard technical support test – we have installed a WordPress application, changed the username password to break the connection and asked for help. Their response time turned out to be good – only 6 minutes, but the answer we received was useless. The support team member wrote “Please try to re-add the database user in your cPanel usning MySQL Database option”. This reply is really unprofessional compared to the answers we have received from SiteGround and HostGator support team members. First, the technician stated only one of the few possible reasons for the issue. Second, he didn’t actually do anything but just suggested a decision. Even if we suggest that this is the reason for the brokn MySQL connection, the username should be added to the database and not in the “MySQL Database option”.

After the initial disapointing reply, we deicided to continue asking for help. We told the supporter that we have tried what he suggested but it was not the reason for the problem. 44 minutes later, we received a reply Issue has been resolved. Check your website now. – no information about what the issue was and how to avoid it in the future, no information about what the supporter has done. In addition the reply didn’t feel polite as well.

Our conclusion is that GreenGeeks support is not bad but is still worse than the first two hosting companies listed on our website. They can work on improving their reply time, expertise and language.


GreenGeeks offer good web hosting service. Howerver the level of customer service and technical support expertise they have is worse than the first two companies listed on our site.

Hostgator has received the “Top 10 Best Hosts Award 2010”

In 2010 the Best Hosts Directory has once again selected the best hosts and GreenGeeks is one of the top performing hosts that we have reviewed and compared. is the world`s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting service provider. It offers green friendly energy hosting, exceptional customer service, high quality servers and bandwidth, and 24x7x365 quality support.