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We have made our choice to rank SiteGround first on many criteria. Our specialists have revised each aspect of their service and the results were more than good. Below you can read more about the hosting package provider by SiteGround.

Pricing & Getting Started with SiteGround

Starting up with SiteGround is easy and intuitive. The main benefit is that they actually sell you a web hosting account for the price they advertise – only $3.95. Despite other hosting companies you can buy your account for one, two or three years at the same low price.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

After your account creation is complete, you should receive an e-mail with everything you need to know about your web hosting account in it. It is well structured and informative. Last but not least they have a nice Getting Started tutorial that will show you how to begin crating your website.

Uptime and Server Reliability

We have an account on a SiteGround server that one of our editors is using to host a personal website. He maintains it for more than 3 years now. During that period he has experienced downtime twice, for less than 30 minutes each. In those cases there were scheduled maintenance and he was warned three times for it – week before the date, three days before and three hours before the actual downtime. SiteGround stated that they are migrating their servers to a faster platform which was the cause of the downtime in both cases. Other than that we did not experience any other server related problems with them.

Technical Support

SiteGround advertises outstanding technical support. This is why we decided to test this. We have installed a WordPress blog and broke its configuration – changed the password for the database username which broke the site completely.

Since they don’t have phone support we had to test how efficient the company Help Desk is. Right after you login, you should go to the Get Support page and select one of the categories to post your ticket in.

Select category

After you select the appropriate category you will be asked some questions depending on the category. If you report an e-mail issue they will ask you for your address etc. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer because in some cases there are automatic checks that rely on it to work. When you post a ticket for the first time the entire process may seem a bit confusing and long. Actually, the questions and auto checks make sence and allow the technical person to reply faster to your question. So once you get used to the Help Desk you will find it quite useful and easy to use.

Once we have submitted our ticket we started timing how long it will take SiteGround to respond.

Ticket Posted

We have to admit that we were really amazed. From our experience with other hosting companies we expected response time between half an hour and 45 minutes. Amazingly, they managed to respond in 2 minutes and 46 seconds!

Ticket Answered

Initially, when we saw the short responce time we thought that we will get some runaround or a question asked. To our surprise our problem was actually solved and the ticket was closed. The support person had not only fixed the problem, but prevented it from happening in the future. Additionally, everything he did was explained in a proper manner.

Problem solved

In conclusion, after you spend few minutes explaining your problem it will be solved fast and professionally. SiteGround indeed provide the outstanding technical support they advertise!

SiteGround has received the “Top 10 Best Hosts Award 2010″

In 2010 the Best Hosts Directory has once again selected the best hosts and SiteGround is one of the top performing hosts that we have reviewed and compared. offers premium web hosting services and have one of the best technical supports in the industry.

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